There is an expectation of a statement of intent in this first post.
An expectation I can hopefully partially meet with a few simple details.

Mostly this is is a repository for thoughts and ideas; statements of views and reasoning. As an active member of OBOD (Order of Bards Ovates and Druids) the study path I follow often unearths interesting ideas, some of the writing which arises from this will be posted here.

In addition this blog will contain other pieces of writing:

I write reviews.  I review books, music, shows, products and events.  They may be posted here.  This is often done as part of BFI R&R (research and reviews). Sometimes other BFI R&R work (the research) will throw up interesting information which deserves publishing, that too could end up here.  Extracts of creative writing are likely to get posted here too. Samples from potential books too may get an airing.

I am trained to degree level as a life coach, this means I have studied, amongst other things, theories and techniques of how we function, these include CBT and NLP and other similar ideas.  Any of these may trigger a post or contribute to one in another area.

I am also a dance teacher (Bellydance and ShimmyFit), I run an entertainments booking agency for unusual and special performances (Catspaw Authentic Entertainment) and I jointly run a knit/crochet group and my cats are an important part of my life.  My partner is also a musician and storyteller (The Travelling Talesman).  I expect all of these will at some point unearth themes to be explored here.

If you want to find out more the web sites are:
* BFI R&R is
* Catspaw is
* The Travelling Talesman
* My dance site